Finally a hood that makes no noise.

Falmec continually seeks solutions and technologies to reduce the noise produced by their products. More efficiency, better use of power, less noise and lower fuel consumption: the equation Falmec always produces positive results.

With the innovative technology NRS™, Falmec has successfully created a product that combines high performance with significant comfort in the home. Beyond the figures certifying the excellent results achieved with scientific evidence, the other important fact to stress is that the hood is incredibly quiet.

The difference is not felt, but experienced.

A system developed by Falmec in collaboration with laboratories specialised in the study of fluid dynamics, NRS™ (Noise Reduction System) has enabled that us to create a collection of incredibly quiet cooker hoods that effectively enhance the quality of life in the kitchen. NRS™ technology allows you to cook, work, talk and listen to music without hearing the noise typical of cooker hoods, while benefiting from the best air suction performance.

Up to -86% less noise

Thanks to the study of air flows and to the materials used, NRS™ cooker hoods reduce noise to a minimum, almost imperceptible level. 

Unimaginable Silence.

Compared to today’s standard hoods, the noise level has been reduced dramatically. The benefit in the kitchen is extraordinary. The ‘perception’ of noise follows a logarithmic scale: each decrease of 1dB corresponds to a reduction in the perceived noise level of about 20%. In other words, for every decrease of 3db perceived noise is halved.  

High performance filter.

The NRS™ system guarantees the best results through the extraction of cooking fumes, and it can also be used in the filter version, with a high-performance, long-lasting and regenerable carbon filter.

Technical features.
- Charcoal filter washable and reusable 
- 75% filtration capacity 
- Metallic handle 
- Aluminium frame and inner layers 

How to reactivate it.
Wash the new high performance filter in the dishwasher with a gentle cleaning soap and temperatures no higher than 65C. It is better to wash the filter on its own. After washing reactivate the filter by warming it in the oven at 100°C for ten minutes.

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